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Would you LOVE to learn & experience… The Secrets Of How To Meditate Easily in an Atmosphere of JOY and FUN – Experience Ancients Techniques from India

Simple Techniques for Meditation

How to Cope With Stresses of Everyday Life
How to Tap Into Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions
How to Improve Your Energy Levels
Make a Deeper Connection to Yourself and God/Source
Heal the Past, Release Old Patterns, Beliefs and Conditioning’s
Open to Your Intuition and Psychic Centers
Become a Healing Practitioner

Welcome to OSHO Meditation Center in Sedona, AZ. Where we offer a warm, friendly, creative, and meditative environment, to experience personal and spiritual development. Through our classes, sessions, workshops and trainings. Your experience here will help you get to know yourself and transform your life on all levels.

The center is located in the beautiful red rock country, the crown jewel of Arizona. Sedona is internationally known as the spiritual hub of the U.S A. attracting over 4 million people a year to explore the wonder, magic and the beauty of the land and the transformative powers of the vortex energies. Sedona is just two hours from Phoenix AZ. It is the ideal place for meditation and vacation at the same time.

sedona mediationExperiencing Sedona’s vortex energies whether out on the land or indoors at our center can be a great catalyst for your spiritual growth, getting in touch with your passions, clarity and knowing your direction in life. Join us in celebrating yourself, celebrating life.

At the Osho Meditation Center in Sedona we hold daily meditations, Monday through Friday. As well as weekend events, gatherings, potlucks workshops, and trainings, throughout the year.

Discover the joy of meditation as we offer both active and passive meditative techniques scientifically designed by an enlightened Master, Osho. Read about Osho Meditations. These are just a few of the types of meditations you will experience.

“Some people live their whole life in their mind, they are either in the past or the future, they are never in the present, meditation brings freedom from the mind. Meditation is neither a mental effort nor an attempt to control the mind. Effort and control involve tension and tension is the complete opposite to the state of meditation. There is no need to control the mind, only to understand it and how it works. The meditator does not need to tame his mind, to become more mindful, but to grow in consciousness.” Osho


“Meditation is the process of achieving immortality. Meditation is the only alchemical secret. It transforms mortal beings into immortal beings. It transforms dust into the divine. Meditation is a bridge between the earth and the heaven. – Osho


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