My Journey to Osho

One of my life changing moments in listening to my intuition came in 1988, when I was 28 years old. I was living in Canada at the time, and was in the process of changing my career path from Dentistry to Interior Design, I had applied to a school in Ontario, but received a letter saying my application had arrived too late, and the deadline for enrollment in the new program was not available, but I could apply for the following year. After hearing the news, I was somewhat disappointed, and wondered what were my next steps.

About a week passed and one day from out of the blue, I received a message from a deeper inner voice inside me, say to buy an around the world ticket and start traveling. This was a surprise to me as I had not thought about traveling, and matter of fact I had not ever traveled by myself before off Vancouver Island. I thought about it for a few weeks, and had talked to family and friends about what they thought about it, of course I got answers for and against going. I asked a few of my friends if they would like to join me, but all were too busy in their life. Thinking about traveling on my own was out of character for me, but I felt such a strong feeling inside me that I should go. The more I thought about it the more I felt excitement, adventure and freedom at the idea of traveling and visiting many places and meeting new people.

Eventually I made the decision I would do it. A sign that I was moving in the right direction came when I decided to sell my home, and within the week someone purchased it. I went to the travel agent, purchased my ticket and set out on my journey into the unknown.

This decision put me on a path that would change my life forever in amazing ways. I was on my world tour traveling to many places far and wide. While in Asia I met some of Osho’s people on a beach in Krabi Thailand, at the time I was not aware they were some of Osho’s people, but I had an instant liking to them and how they saw life. Later on while in Bali I caught up with these people again. I hung out with them and still not knowing there were some of Osho’s people. One morning I had decided that it was time to leave Bali and I was on a bus on my way to the airport, to change the date of my flight to leave the next day. Sitting beside me on the bus was a women, Bella from Holland, she began talking about Bali and her visit there, and asked how long I was staying in Bali, I had said I was hoping to leave the next day. She encourage me to stay a few more days longer and enjoy Bali, so I did. I came to find out over the next few days while spending time with Bella, she had been to the Osho Commune in Pune India, and in fact she was part of the same group of Osho’s disciples that I had been meeting along the way on my travels. Bella began telling me of the Osho Commune in India, and had given me one of Osho’s books, Golden Nuggets. I read it and fell in love with Osho, and by the end of that week, early in the morning I found myself standing at the gate to the Commune.

A wonderful Indian women had come to the gate to greet me and as it was only around 5:30 am, the commune office was not open yet. She invited me to sit with her and offered me a cup of chai, and it was from that moment on that I was taken care of in beautiful ways, finding a flat to live in, and the start of meditation, spiritual practice and many many groups and trainings. I fell in love with Osho even more, and with-in a couple of months I took sannyas. Knowing I was heading on the path of committing to transforming myself and changing my life forever.

It has been a beautiful journey over the last 23 years that has continued day in and day out. Coming to Osho changed my life forever. I have lived in Sedona since 1999, and myself and Premala own the Osho Meditation Center here in Sedona, where it is our passion and our joy to share Osho with many of Osho’s disciples, friends of Osho and introducing Osho and his meditations to new people every day. “Thank you Osho – My Beloved Master” Nirup

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Your story resonates strongly with me. While you were in Canada receiving your message to go forth and travel, I was in England at that same time (at almost the same age), being told to leave my career in book publishing, sell my house (also happened very quickly) and travel, with the first stop being OCI. We must have arrived there within months of each other. How interesting that we both got pulled to Sedona, too, and yet we don’t really know each other!

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